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Alopecia is one of the most important symptoms.
Suddenly the hair loss increases and I am perplexed how to do it.

Although I tried various methods so far,
There was no effect, there were a lot of people who gave up thin hair growth and hair growth.

On this site, we would like everyone like above to regain the rich hair of even one person, and to have a happy life.

To that end, we will introduce you to domestic and overseas hair growth, introduction of hair growth agents, and how to deal with hair loss / hair loss.
In addition, after confirming the product on this site, please consider after purchasing.

To everyone, you should consider each merit and disadvantage, you are the best way to find the best way.

Hair loss hair growing concierge all together.


About hair restoration and hair growth?

What is the difference between hair restoration and hair growth?

"Hair restoration" and "hair growth", it seems like a similar problem, but it is actually different.
Because the nature of the problem is different, how to improve symptoms, approach will change.

What is hair restoration?

Hair restoration is literally to grow hair. "Flocking hair" is also one of raised hair.
The hair roots are weaked, hair falls off, the state of the scalp becomes worse due to excessive stress and the like,
It refers to raising the hair from the state where it has been depilated.

The role of hair regrowth activates the movement of hair matrix cells, which are the foundation of hair,
It is to raise hair again from the dormant hair root.

What is hair growth

Hair growth is to nurture the hair that is growing now.
Hair growth mainly have two roles to prevent hair loss from the scalp.

  • Raising strong hair.
  • To suppress dandruff and itching.


Also, there is what is called "hair tonic", but this is a nourishment for hair and scalp.
It is the purpose of maintaining the health of the hair by causing the necessary nutrients for hair to go up.

By giving hair and scalp moderate oil and moisture, it has the role of protecting from hair damage and has the effect of repairing pain.

Thus, in cases where "hair growth" is required, and cases where "hair growth" is required,
Appropriate action is required.

Regarding hair loss, you can diagnose it at the hospital and you can take medicine,
Because insurance does not work, it is all self-expenses burden.(In case Japan)

It is important to grasp the current situation where you are located and use hair restoration and hair growth agents accordingly.

Notes on using this site

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    There is no strong support like a general net shop.

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